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Make the most of  the skills of the Virtual Experience, entrusting you  to the qualified competence of our international 3D Computer Graphics Team. Rendering, stereoscopic videos, interactive applications and Augmented Reality are developed to better convince your customers, create emotions, develop interactive learning in museums, use industrial simulators, best to represent architectural projects, design and landscapes.

NoReal develops Labyrinth, 3d labyrinth generator of ontological basis.

Labyrinth is an on-line procedural generator of  3D labyrinths, based on ontological knowledge of objects and their relationships, which allows users to enjoy the ludic and cultural experience, never the same, session after session.


NoReal realizes the Digital Panorama at the Museum of Cinema in Turin.

On 6 June 2014, the Museum of Cinema opens the most impressive work restructuring the exhibition floor dedicated to the Archaeology of the Cinema.


Davide Borra invited speaker at AVR2014

We report the participation of Arch. Davide Borra to "Salento AVR 2014 ", the first International Conference on Virtual and Augmented Reality, which is held in Lecce 17 to 20 September.


NoReal and precious Cesari textiles

Noreal realize renders of the Cesari's brand new 2014 textiles collection. A renewed appointment with one of the most named Italian textile production houses that confirm his care for details and the ability of replication of visual perceptive characteristics of of so important textiles.