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Make the most of  the skills of the Virtual Experience, entrusting you  to the qualified competence of our international 3D Computer Graphics Team. Rendering, stereoscopic videos, interactive applications and Augmented Reality are developed to better convince your customers, create emotions, develop interactive learning in museums, use industrial simulators, best to represent architectural projects, design and landscapes.

NoReal at Archevirtual of Paestum with an application of augmented reality AR-Etruschi

Be held in Paestum, November 16 to 20, the ArcheoVirtual Expo exhibit the best applications of the European Virtual Cultural Heritage scientifically edited by CNR-ITABC.


AR-Etruschi, Augmented Reality at Trento has create ​​the application "AR-Etruschi", an interactive augmented reality shows hosted in the "Etruscans in Europe", which will be open from Sept. 10 to Jan. 9 at the Science Museum in Trento.


Netes 3D at the Giffoni Film Festival!

Sure, the good news there is never enough! Our  shrimp Netes with Mis and Salmì will do in a suit and tie for the red carpet at the Giffoni Film Festival on July 14. Did you expected it? They certainly did not!


Progetto Ecocasa

Just outside Turin, in Settimo Torinese, is building a residential complex by the unusual design, technological and environmentally friendly housing solutions configurable. "Project Ecocasa", NoReal edited 3D models and communication campaign in national newspapers and the web.