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Make the most of  the skills of the Virtual Experience, entrusting you  to the qualified competence of our international 3D Computer Graphics Team. Rendering, stereoscopic videos, interactive applications and Augmented Reality are developed to better convince your customers, create emotions, develop interactive learning in museums, use industrial simulators, best to represent architectural projects, design and landscapes.

Campus-X "Tor Vergata"

NoReal has created the 3D model of the most innovative design of the university residence, just opened in Roma-Tor Vergata.


3D Patients for EMSAVE develops realtime 3D models of the avatars used by primary and secondary human-computer interaction lab, headed by Prof. Luca Chittaro, University of Udine, for projects related to the training of health personnel in case of emergencies.


The Architect Davide Borra has concluded strategic advice on the future of 3D IKEA Systems Intern

Months of analysis for a strategy of using the 3D into the company, for a result was crucial and visionary by Intern IKEA Systems, the company that owns "worldwide franchise" of the IKEA concept (


At Discovery on Film Rovereto (TN) is played with the augmented reality 3D by NoReal

The 2010 edition of Discovery on Film will be held May 25 to 30 in Rovereto, opposite the Museum and this year addressed the issue of hybridization technology inspired by nature, with projections conferences, workshops and stories.