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Nikon Island

Turin, 02-10-2007
Nital inaugurates on SL the first reality devoted entirely to photography.
1917-2007: ninety years of Nikon history. Ninety years at the leading edge of quality and technology.

An anniversary to celebrate and possibly be remembered for long. And to make this happen, Nital, Nikon official distributor for Italy, has created Nikon island in Second Life, the first reality of this virtual world entirely dedicated to photography (for those who already have an avatar here's the link).An island designed and built as a real "virtual photographic set" in which a variety of environments is made available to enable each avatar to express all the creative and photographic skills and qualities on various situations, from the height of the mountains to the dark chiaroscuro of a forest, from an interior scene to the undersea environment, without forgetting still-lifes and portraits.
Everything's been subjected to an accurate stylistic analysis: the orientation of the elements exploits the changing colors of the sun during the virtual day-cycle, the realistic vegetation creates evocative scenic wings, the underwater seascapes make magic the shooting in the deep and the lighting effects filtering through certain points of the setting won't fail to impress visitors.

On Nikon island will also be possible to admire photographic exhibitions, fashion shows, attend photography courses, share technical information, confront with professional photographers and perform many other activities.

The Nikon Building, designed in perfect hi-tech style, will be the place where to live and share information and photographic culture: in the two floors that make up the building you can find areas devoted to photographic exhibitions, seminars and areas for video projections but also different spaces for relaxing where avatars can sit on comfortable sofas to talk about technology, photographic quality, more generally about imaging.

Outside the building you can admire a marina from where you can embark using personal watercraft to take photos from offshore, a pleasant seafront and other delightful places to achieve breathtaking shots, from sunrise to sunset, not to speak of romantic midnight shots.
But the real rendezvous for the visitors of the island is the "Nikon meeting point" where, apart from receiving advice on the island itself, you can obtain information about the latest news relating to Nikon products and, absolutely unprecedented on Second Life, receive technical assistance! Avatars with any kind of relating problem can interact with a dedicated avatar and obtain information both on their technical problem and on the progress of the eventual repairing process made at L.T.R. Service, the official Nikon support center for Italy.

Nital has been following with attention in the recent months the phenomenon "Second Life" and finally decided to design an action plan on this new platform, whose main feature - the three-dimensionality - could be the same of the future Web.

The highly realistic scenic settings, the many different photographic sets, the possibility of meeting for those who already are Nikon costumers and those who aren't yet, the technical live support given virtually, the opportunity to obtain information on new products, are just some of the peculiarities that make Nikon island unique.

This virtual place, which starts off officially on Tuesday, October 2, 2007 and will be finally completed in early 2008, was conceived by the well-known "virtual" designer architect Davide Borra (Davide Forcella on Second Life, developer of many islands on SL for medium and large companies) that, with NoReal Team and some international collaborations, is giving life to what could be among the most suggestive Italian islands in SL.
"I think that having been the first to design and build Nikon island, and more generally the first island devoted entirely to photography in the new world of SL, - said Aldo Winkler, CEO of Nital SpA - is clearly a thing to be proud of but most importantly a "virtual gift" quite original to celebrate adequately the ninetieth birthday of Nikon. But even more we like to think of it as a tribute to the ability of the brand that we have represented for more than 15 years in Italy, to be always in step with the times and sometimes even know how to anticipate them. Today we bring all that is the Nikon brand into another dimension, in a different planet, in a parallel life. Today more than ever we can truly say that Nikon is "everywhere" synonymous with photography".

Year: 2007
Client: Nital SpA, Turin