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Pantelleria on Second Life

The complex relationship between natural and built landscape, the Dammuses' dry-stone masonry structure and fencing walls, the secular olive trees, the black lava reefs, the beautiful sunsets of one of the most caharming islands of Italy.

Reproducing Pantelleria on 4 Second Life SIMs, respecting the "first glance impression" really was a big deal and as such it was carried out. In 2 solar months 12 builders of NoReal team have worked out the morphology of the island, the roads, the cultivation of olives, capers and grapes, the cities of Pantelleria and Gadir, the pools of sulphurous water on the coast and the magnificent Lake of Venus.

Particular care was put in reproducing the hotel complex "Pantelleria Gold" which reused a wide complex of dammusi to make one of the best relaxing and well-being centers of the island. Each dammuso was modeled in its entirety up to the furniture and equipped with all virtual comforts.

The icing on the cake is the Suite of Venus, gently resting against a side of the Lake of Venus, as splendid on Second Life as it is in reality.

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 Link to the interview with Davide Forcella (aka Davide Borra) by SLUUB TV