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SEAT Pagine Gialle on Second Life

SEAT Pagine Gialle entrusted NoReal with the task of bringing the biggest Italian database company onto Second Life, with the goal of creating a polyvalent and dynamic environment aimed to tipycal community activities and commercial proposition for real businesses.

On a 7 SIMs archipelago the project has aimed at creating a colorful environment, entertaining and dynamism oriented. Paths move sinuous as well as the large square at the entrance which gains access to the main functions and lead to the two shopping streets. The SEAT building stands as a scenic wing for the events occurring in the space below.

Classes of "SEAT Corporate University" and exhibitions of "Artistic White Pages take place at the sides of the circular square, while looking up you can see two big suspended corridors leading to the large central auditorium, which reproduces the company logo.

The commercial offer is carried out by the realization of 70 stores of different size and style, fully furnished and ready to bear logos and images of real companies that want to come along with SEAT Yellow Pages in this adventure.
Completing the 3D realization is a large lake at the feet of a plateau used for concerts and night festivals, and 4 outlying islands arranged with relaxing areas and natural pathways.