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Make the most of  the skills of the Virtual Experience, entrusting you  to the qualified competence of our international 3D Computer Graphics Team. Rendering, stereoscopic videos, interactive applications and Augmented Reality are developed to better convince your customers, create emotions, develop interactive learning in museums, use industrial simulators, best to represent architectural projects, design and landscapes.

AR-Etruschi, Augmented Reality at Trento has create ​​the application "AR-Etruschi", an interactive augmented reality shows hosted in the "Etruscans in Europe", which will be open from Sept. 10 to Jan. 9 at the Science Museum in Trento.

The exhibition, curated by Historia (Alessandro Barelli) and with the support of Fondazione Bruno Kessler (Fabio Remondino, 3DOM lab), has already had great success in Brussels exposing high resolution reconstructions of some Etruscan tombs. The application AR-Etruschi is a innovation and will allow visitors to interact with 3D models of 5 statues kept in the Museum of Chianciano Terme (SI), using a graphic marker or your phone. NoReal has developed with the CNR-ISTI (Roberto Scopigno and Federico Poncho) AR-Nexus software, which displays, in augmented reality, high resolution models derived from 3D laser scans.