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Technology partners

  • Partner&Partners Holding Group
    marketing and business development.
  • Vtopia srl
    development of Virtual Reality and Augmented general purpose solutions.
  • Regola srl
    development of Augmented Reality solutions for the industry.
  • DafLab
    3D software development.
  • Virtualway srl
    developing on-line and off-line 3D configurators
  • Kairos3D
    development of 3D real-time solutions in industrial field.
  • Scuro srl
    development of 3D real-time solutions in Real Estate.

Cultural partners

    MIMOS is the Italian Modeling and Simulation Movement, active since 2000 in the country, with the aim of collecting and disseminating the experiences from the world of 3D, Virtual Reality and Simulation in all areas of research and production. They are part of MIMOS large industries like little professionals. Is the most important and active italian circuit.
    The Institute for Technology Applied to Cultural Heritage of the Italian National Research Council has been a center of cultural reference of NoReal through the constant exchange of information that assists in determining policy for the transmission of scientific information through interactive tools, linked to the disciplines of Cultural
  • CNR-ISTI - Visual Computing Laboratory
    The Institute of Science and Technologies of the Italian National Research Council, working in various application areas of information science, computer vision and flight mechanics. With NoReal has developed the AR-Newxus softewares.