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Glamour VR Day

Virtual Reality Meets Glamour underwear.
Culottes and bodices in virtual reality? Sure: it can be done and has been done In Turin (Italy), December the 8th, 2016 during the Open Day dedicated to the glamour underwear that surrounded the visitors of the "new planet" Gimò, a new shop opened in Via Giolitti 9 / C. Wearing the very high resolution viewers (one of the first 4K in Italy), visitors was immersed in the new Gimò shop, surrounded by models and the displayed lingerie. On the bright catwalk, they have seen the parade of the 9 planets of the solar system, but is the tenth, the New "Planet Gimò" to attract the attention. They entered another dimension of pleasure, the Virtual Reality that they never appreciate before. A day of Glamour and high technology, an event not only for lovers of lingerie but also technophiles have satisfied their curiosity. Inside the store, visitors met the NoReal technical staff who explained  how to create experiences in Virtual Reality and all the features of the new viewers.

GLAM VR DAY is an event Gimò + with tecnical supports by Partner&Partners Holding Group