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"VR in-a-box"

“VR in-a-box" is a complete 3D stereoscopic portable system, easy to transport, install and use. The system is composed by a PC + 3D proiector with emitter and glasses + audio system + user devices + realtime engine + applications for Virtual Reality, Augmented Realityt and QR- codes.

The application allows the user to explore the space interactively wearing the 3D glasses and using the joypad or, soon, gesture recognition systems and natural interacion.

The multimedia totems are positioned in the virtual space and offer multimedia information through virtual stewards and hostesses that appear in real scale.
Each totem also activates the augmented contents, using a mobile app on tablets/smartphones:
- QR Codes to access web pages and social networks;
- AR codes to access virtual panorama and 3D models.
This multichannel framework allows to configure different modes of use: from the contemplative single-user experience to the full interactive multi-user 2.0 event.

The "VR in-a-box" is a system dedicated to small and medium Museums and to istitutions and companies that use Virtual Reality to support training solutions.

It's a project by Davide Borra, made by the companies of 3D Company Network (a MIMOS supply chain dedicated to the Virtual Cultural Heritage field):, CADLand, Kairos3D, G-Maps.

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