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"AR in-a-box"

AR in-a-box is an “all in one” transportable system, with a fligh-case on wheels, easy to carry. The case includes the hardware and a complete Augmented Reality application that gives the user the feeling to “hold in the hands” the hi-res virtual interactive 3D replica of a historical masterpiece, a design object or a mechanical piece. It’s enought to expose the graphical marker under the webcam and the 3D replica appear “on the marker”.
Now you can explore interactively the 3D replica, moving the marker.

The installation takes less than an hour, following the instructions included.
The fligh-case becomes the totem that supports two monitors (one touch) and the webcam. At the end, you need also connect the power supply and the system is fully functioning:  the system is equipped with auto on/off procedures and is always controlled by remote (under Wi-Fi / Ethernet connection).

The user interface is customizable and you can view individual objects or series. For each one it’s possible to change the light orientation, a tool particularly pleasing while inspecting bas-reliefs.

AR in-a-box uses the amazing power of AR-Nexus (developed with the Visual Computing Lab of CNR-ISTI, the italian research laboratory leader in 3D graphics), actually the only 3D player that manages heavy 3D models and point clouds up to 6 Gb: this means being able to give to the user the same detail of relief, without loss datas and image’s quality, with a fluid interactivity.

AR in-a-box thus becomes a tool for museum’s marketing and promotion actions, and may be loaned or rented to others such as synthetic substitute of the real artwork.

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