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The first tourist app of the archaeological site of Segesta is made by NoReal...and is in Augmented Reality.

The archaeological site of Segesta, with its Temple and the Theatre, is one of the icons of the Sicilian. The international tourism has more than tens of thousands of visitors, in addition to the national tourism and the students visiting the site every year. But, by now, there wasn't an app that would lead visitors to fully understand  history and the difficult monumental stratification that has pervaded the slopes of this mountain during 2500 years, from the Greek foundation, going through the Roman residence, until the Middle Ages.


Himera and the Temple of Victory

On June 30th, 2016 it was inaugurated in Termini Imerese (a town close to Palermo, Italy) a new "Antiquarium" placed next to  the Archaeological Museum,  showing the Tempio della Vittoria (Temple of Victory) and the latest archeological finds in that area. These include the burial of 10,000 riders with their horses, a unique event in the history of Greek archeology in Sicily.


The arch. Davide Borra designing the new interactive exhibit of MAB Archaeological Museum of Bene Vagienna and NoReal realizes it.

The archaeological site of Augusta Bagiennorum, today's Bene Vagienna (about 60Km from Turin, Italy and 40Km from Cuneo, Italy) is the most visited site of Piemonte (North-west of Italy). Not comparable to what you can see at Pompei or the Valley of the Temples in Agrigento, but is a big responsibility for a little community of 3500 people working for two decades for the continuous enhancement of this cultural heritage.


NoReal take part in the new preparation of the video "Antiquarium Arborense" in Oristano, Sardinia (Italy)

Produced by the Comune di Oristano, with the partnership of ConsulMedia, a brilliant computer company in Oristano (Sardinia, Italy), NoReal has realized an important video titled "Efisio Pischedda, memorie di un antiquario" (Efisio Pischedda, memories of an antiquarian) NoReal arranged as well as for stereoscopic images and 3D models in augmented reality.