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Hierapolis 360°

This product stands eventually as the useful and scenographic project of interactive exploration of an archaeological site. The value added compared to the common applications based on QTVR and the like, is the building process which since the taking of the shots has tried to determine the process by which rescaling to the real dimension.


The Mausoleum of the Kings of Italy

A real treasure hunt among the uncertain traces of a project started and never completed by the great Piemonte's architect, Alessandro Antonelli, famous for the Mole which bears his name in the region's capital city.


Cd Rom: Venatio Regia

Venaria Royal Palace, a magnificent building where the big spaces being now restructured does not meet a common agreement about their destination: an exposition on Baroque culture, a new Egyptian museum, technological exhibitions, etc. Politics asks people's opinion.


Sindone’s Chapel in Turin

During the night between the 11th and 12th of April in 1997, a blaze destroys the interiors of one of Guarini's masterpieces: the Sindone's Chapel. The Arch. Noemi Gallo asks NoReal, on behalf of the Architectural Heritage Bureau (Arch. Mirella Macera), to produce the isomorph 3d model of the interior Chapel to be used in the analysis prior to the restoration hypothesis.