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Discovering Valley of the Temple's mosaics

NoReal have installed an interactive floor in the new museum exhibition inside the ex Rural House of the Rural Hellenistic-Roman District.


Virtual reconstruction of the of Verona's Capitolium

"Discovering the underground Verona. The archaeological site of Corte Sgarzerie" is the new archaeological documentary produced by NoReal, commissioned by the Superintendent of Archaeology of Regione Veneto, with the coordination and scientific advice of Dr. Brunella Bruno, Dr. Dario Gallina and Dr. Giuliana Cavalieri Manasse.


The special agent Netes in "Sarno's River Mission"

NoReal has just concluded a 3D stereoscopic cartoon, commissioned by the Patto dell'Agro SpA, Nocera Inferiore (Salerno, Italy).
The shrimp Netes, with the new friends Mis and Salmì, teaches children who visit the virtual room at Nocera Inferiore, to understand the rules to keep the Sarno's river clean and livable.


NoReal develops Labyrinth, 3d labyrinth generator of ontological basis.

Labyrinth is an on-line procedural generator of  3D labyrinths, based on ontological knowledge of objects and their relationships, which allows users to enjoy the ludic and cultural experience, never the same, session after session.