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The first tourist app of the archaeological site of Segesta is made by NoReal...and is in Augmented Reality.

The archaeological site of Segesta, with its Temple and the Theatre, is one of the icons of the Sicilian. The international tourism has more than tens of thousands of visitors, in addition to the national tourism and the students visiting the site every year. But, by now, there wasn't an app that would lead visitors to fully understand  history and the difficult monumental stratification that has pervaded the slopes of this mountain during 2500 years, from the Greek foundation, going through the Roman residence, until the Middle Ages.


Augmented Reality for the Antiquarian Arborense of Oristano

NoReal produces 10 models in augmented reality of the major monuments of the ancient Roman city of Tharros, Sardinia, Nuraghe Losa and the Neolithic village of Sa Ruda (Sardinia, Mediterranean sea, Middle Italy)


NoReal in Piazza San Marco, Venice, with the Capsella of Samagher in AR

NoReal develops a 3D Augmented Reality "marker-based" interactive application to replicate with the highest detail the Capsella of Samagher, the precious reliquary exhibited in the National Archaeological Museum of Venice.


AR-Etruschi, Augmented Reality at Trento has create ​​the application "AR-Etruschi", an interactive augmented reality shows hosted in the "Etruscans in Europe", which will be open from Sept. 10 to Jan. 9 at the Science Museum in Trento.