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"AR in-a-box"

AR in-a-box is an “all in one” transportable system, with a fligh-case on wheels, easy to carry. The case includes the hardware and a complete Augmented Reality application that gives the user the feeling to “hold in the hands” the hi-res virtual interactive 3D replica of a historical masterpiece, a design object or a mechanical piece. It’s enought to expose the graphical marker under the webcam and the 3D replica appear “on the marker”.
Now you can explore interactively the 3D replica, moving the marker.


"VR in-a-box"

“VR in-a-box" is a complete 3D stereoscopic portable system, easy to transport, install and use. The system is composed by a PC + 3D proiector with emitter and glasses + audio system + user devices + realtime engine + applications for Virtual Reality, Augmented Realityt and QR- codes.

The application allows the user to explore the space interactively wearing the 3D glasses and using the joypad or, soon, gesture recognition systems and natural interacion.


"Face in-a-box"

NoReal developed a 3D scanner for faces and torso based on a multiple photographic shot followed by automated 3D modeling.
"Face in-a-box" is a multi shot camera system in a range of about 240°, able to capture datasets useful for the subsequent photogrammetric 3D modeling.