Dear Contributor,

Contributions can be remitted to the German bank account in the name of the
Project Manager:

Dr. Tiemann, Hans-Eckhard

Allgemeine Deutsche Direktbank - DiBa -
with the following instructions (within Germany)_

BLZ 500 105 17; account No. 0656 416 830
specifying "Project VIMP"

For remittances from abroad please use the following instructions:
(IBAN)DE 28 500 105 17 0656 416 830 5BIC - Swiftcode) DEGUDEFF
with the same specification of "Project VIMP"

The status of the contributions received will be published regularly, or at least every six months, in the Internet on this website.

In some European countries there exists the possibility of tax deductibility for larger amounts in favour of contributions to cultural projects. The conditions for these should be examined on an individual basis. Larger amounts can also be accepted as binding promises. These must, however, be available prior to the commencement of construction in order to avoid liquidity bottlenecks.

Apart form those who request anonymity, the names of all the contributors will be published on this page. We therefore ask you to inform us if you wish to remain anonymous at the time when you wish to make your contribution.

This project, which is conceived as a private initiative and with an unknown amount of financing "from the people", will retain these same characteristics throughout the whole period of the project; it may also serve as a pilot project for other programmes.

The costs for the project, i. e. the funds required for a new roof for the VIMP, amount to approximately euro 100,000. This is an estimation of Prof. Dr. Ehrhardt, who has worked on the VIMP in Pompeii for a long time. As soon as the financing of one half of the costs has been secured, discussions will be commenced with the Soprintendenza di Pompei with the objective of finding and appointing a suitable architect, who will first of all undertake the planning for the roof and then supervise the construction work.

The Soprintendenza will assure that the necessary precautions are taken both before and after the work to protect the VIMP by supervising the observation of the corresponding regulations. The persons responsible for the work will be obliged to select the suppliers as well as the various services contracted in accordance with the principle of economy and best possible quality, in order to guarantee an efficient use of the contributions.

The construction work can only begin when the necessary financial funds are available.

News concerning the progress of the construction will be published on this Internet page.

Thank you very much for your interest.

Dr. Eckhard Tiemann