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NoReal in Piazza San Marco, Venice, with the Capsella of Samagher in AR

NoReal develops a 3D Augmented Reality "marker-based" interactive application to replicate with the highest detail the Capsella of Samagher, the precious reliquary exhibited in the National Archaeological Museum of Venice.

In the days following May 8, 2013, the visitors of the museum will be able to "virtually hold" the Capsella, thanks to a multimedia totem, placed in front of the shrine in which it is preserved, being able to admire the details of the bas-reliefs at a much larger scale than the original. An innovative option, even for the AR applications, is the ability to choose in an interactive way the orientation of the light, arriving to simulate the grazing light, fundamental analysis tool for its bas-reliefs.

Resulted from a project of architect Davide Borra, "The Virtual Capsella of Samagher" is an application developed by NoReal, taking advantage of the high-performance AR software of CNR-ISTI, which allows to display interactive 3D files weighing up to 6Gb.

The 3D model of Capsella has been achieved through 3D laser scanning of the CNR-ISTI and photographic review of Alinari24Ore.

The realization was supported by Banca Intesa San Paolo, and Louis Vuitton.

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